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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Home Organization [Ultimate Guide]

Home Organization: The Definitive Guide

home organization hacksHome organization is not an easy game and you need to master several skills like time management, task scheduling, organizing home space, communication with the other family members and emphasizing certain tasks.

If you want to conquer clutter madness and save yourself from the disorganized house, then this guide is for you.

As I promised, the most important things you will learn as follows:

 How to make effective plans for organizing your home step by step

 How to make your children feel happy to help you to clean up and organize your home

Home organization hacks [Creative Ideas and solutions]

 Mistakes to be avoided before, when and after de-cluttering your house

 Tips to hire a professional organizer

 Tips to clean up and organizing your home in minutes

 Tricks to get motivated for cleaning and organizing your home

Moms challenges today:

stress moms
Discover 3 common challenges faced by busy moms every day:

Time: Time management is really crucial, especially for working mothers. Too many things to think about like clothes that need to be washed, the dinner menu, one-on-one time with your children, work in offices and so on.

Without proper planning, it can cause stress will occur against yourself and you also might not know where you should start.

No need to be 'hardworking moms' but be ‘smart moms’, you need to focus on tasks that are easy to do and do not require a longer time to be completed during the weekdays (especially the space that you always use). Do a mega job at least once a month.

Tips: Before you go to bed, make sure you look at your calendar and your next actions list for the next day. It gives you an idea of the tasks you should do and thus save your time.
Family responsibilities: Housework? It’s boring mom! That's the word is expressed by your children when they are asked to help you tidy up the house.

The situation gets worse when your partner does not help you in doing housework, especially on weekends. You need to talk to your partner and do it for the sake of children.

It should be noted that children are always watching what is happening at home. So, you must show to them a good attitude in dealing with this issue when you are at home.

Do not yell at your kids if they do not listen to your words, you need to find the effective method that can attract them doing housework. (See Chapter 4)

Besides, your family should also have a system in which every member of your family knows what their responsibilities at home. (See Chapter 4)
Technology: Many mothers switch to digital and high-end technology right now (email, IM, phone, apps, robotic and etc.). You think you can do all the tasks more quickly and get organized by yourself.

But sometimes it can prevent you from giving full attention to your kids and you are addicted to it. In other words, you are totally disengaging from your children.

Remember, the value of paying attention is so powerful, it can make your children feel that they are important to you.

Don’t forget to include one-on-one time with the kids in your lists. In chapter 4, you will get the brilliant ideas how to spend your time with your kids while doing housework without stress.

Forget about technology for a while, gather all family members and work together.

The Ultimate List of the Web’s Best Home Organization Resources


[Note: Click on the chapter you want to read in the list of table below]

Chapter 1
home organization ideas

How to find fresh ideas for organizing your home?

Get a simple idea that can make you happy and enjoy doing it. Do not be easily influenced by pointless things like beautiful closet design, handbag and etc.

You have to focus on something that you have and how you can organize them according to your desire.

Below are the best resources of home organization ideas for your references:

Chapter 2
organizing tools

Home organizing tools that improve your organizational skills and make home management in style

If you want to create a perfect home organization system, then you need the right tools that help you to work faster, keep organized and ensure the comfort of each room of your house. Here are some awesome resources that will help to achieve your goals.

Chapter 3
home organization work plan

How to make a plan for organizing your home?

You will get into trouble if you do not have perfect plans to organize your home. Do you feel stress? Don’t worry, in this chapter, you will be exposed to very helpful resources that save you from a chaotic house.

Chapter 4
work money system family

How to make your family especially your children for involving in household chores?

It’s not easy to get your kids for helping you do chores. To tackle this issue, you must know the rights of children to be fulfilled by parents like; 

- the right to play, the right to education, the right of expression, the right to participate fully in family, cultural and community, paying attention and so on.

Do you get what I meant? Use your own creativity of how you can create a joyful environment while doing housework activities with your children.

In addition, you also need to set up a job and money system in your house to keep your kids stay organized. Then, show them how to work and how to manage their money.

Be sure to get a feedback from your children either they like or not to do tasks assigned to them. Try to persuade them if they don't like to do the job given by giving them positive words.

Tips: Move your children to perform different tasks each week so they do not get tired of doing the same tasks.   

For further information, here are some incredible resources that will help you to create sweet moments with your children and money system that works.

Thanks to Power of Moms Community for sharing these excellent articles.

Chapter 5
home organizing mistakes

Home organizing mistakes should be avoided

Here are the best resources to help you to avoid making the biggest house management mistakes in your life.

Chapter 6
Home organization hacks

Creative ways to organize your home (With Pictures)

If you are the person to think of a new home organization system or a twist on an existing system, then this chapter is for you. These are collections of the most brilliant ideas and solutions for organizing the entire of your house.

Chapter 7
professional organizers near me

Meet professional house organizers near me

If you need some advice or home organization services near you, here are 10 popular professional organizers on the net and list of professional organizers associations in different countries.

Extra resources:

Best organizing tip for busy moms: Is it possible to clean up and organize your house in minutes? Yes, you can. These cleaning tip and tricks (housebeautiful.com) are easy to apply at your home to overcome the clutter madness and keep your house stay organized.    

Discover the secrets of time management system (goodhousekeeping.com) that really works for busy working moms. Awesome tips for scheduling your daily activities.

How to get motivated to organize and clean up your house? These 10 tips (huffingtonpost.com) will trick you into that and I’m sure you’ll love it.


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